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Location: Maplelane Farm and Event Centre
6311 12th Line
Alliston , ON L9R 1V4

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A dog's sense of smell is about one thousand times more sensitive than that of a human's and is how dogs gather information about their surroundings and environment. People utilize this attribute in many ways; most notably for search and rescue and detecting narcotics, bed bugs, mold or diseases. Every dog possesses this amazing scenting ability and they love performing tasks where they can use this skill.

The purpose of Canada Barn Hunts™ is to sharpen and develop a dog's natural hunting ability through nosework in finding and marking rats in a setting similar to what you would find in a barn.

In the preliminary introduction to vermin, this seminar is performed in an open area with no straw, distractions or obstacles. Here, dogs will experience rats, in many cases for the first time. As the day progresses, so do the obstacles and training. Throughout the day both straw and obstacles will be added; by the end of the day, dogs will have completed a full course and qualified for their Rat Instinct Test.