Training Seminar

August 2014

MBPIS. CH. Classical Wotarukus

BPIS. CH. Wotarukus Instant Insanity


Training Seminar

Izzy working towards her RIT

Izzy is looking forward to
Trialing in Canada


First heard of Barn Hunt this past summer. My Westie and I were so excited to try this new sport and we were not disappointed! We had a blast learning and introducing Izzy to the rats. We were also successful in earning her RIT! Looking forward to trialing her in Canada ! ! Thanks to Sherri:) We couldn't have asked for a more caring and knowledgable person for our first introduction to the sport.
Cheryl Scott
We had the opportunity to attend a Barn Hunt seminar at Sherri Halls Facility in August 2014. Bringing 2 Herding Dogs we were not that confident. Much to our surprise our Briard Ivy excelled at the Barn hunt, she really enjoyed it and with the help, expertise etc from Sherri Ivy, came along gangbusters. Our Beardie Boy Hudson, was more interested BTU when Sherri helped us along he found the Rats / containers and seemed happy with himself.
Both our Herding dogs came home with their RIT certificates and 2 VERY PROUD Humans!
The Barn Hunt seminars are very educational, well run and with proper expertise that we all need, lots of encouragement and support. We highly recommend it. With HOPE the CKC will add this to their CKC titles in the near future.
Thank you again Sherri for this opportunity,
Brian and Gael Harper
Wotarukus Briards