Canada Barn Hunts: Our frequently asked questions Here at Canada Barn Hunts, ensure that all…

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Rat Instinct Test

CANADA BARN HUNT — RAT INSTINCT TEST A dog’s sense of smell is about one thousand…

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ALL DOGS ARE WELCOME Canada Barn Hunts™ is an all-inclusive competition which measures the hunting instinct…

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QUALIFICATIONS Appointed Municipal Law Enforcement OfficerCertified in Dead Livestock ValuationCertified Animal Disaster First Responder “Pet…

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A dog’s sense of smell is about one thousand times more sensitive than that of a human’s and is how dogs gather information about their surroundings and environment. People utilize this attribute in many ways; most notably for search and rescue and detecting narcotics, bed bugs, mold or diseases. Every dog possesses this amazing scenting ability and they love performing tasks where they can use this skill.

Dogs are introduced to rats through a Rat Instinct Test. In the preliminary introduction to vermin during their Rat Instinct . . . .


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Canada Barn Hunts: Let canines guide you 

Even though people no longer make their living off of wild animals in today’s world, hunting is still an important part of many cultures’ traditions. Because of advances in agriculture and the domestication of cattle, we no longer rely as much on hunting for food as we once did, yet, the number of people who hunt for recreation has grown. If you want to learn more about this, keep reading here in Canada Barn Hunts!

Who we are

We were only in college when we became friends and figured out that we share the same interest which is our love and fondness for dogs. We all had various puppets and dogs that we took care of and after graduating from university, we wanted to establish a company that solely focused on canines. 

It was our goal to make a company that would let people in need of hunting dogs. We knew the different capabilities of hounds and instead of putting them to waste, we established an organisation that would cater to the needs and wants of our customers. 

Advantages of having hunting dogs

Travel safely across a terrain

You can improve your hunting prowess by making use of the heightened senses provided by a hunting dog and lessen your fear that the topography in the United States would make it difficult or impossible to find your prey.

Sniffing benefit 

If you have a hunting dog helping you track down scents, your chances of having a successful hunt will be significantly increased. On top of this, you will be able to track down any other animal that you choose.

Allows you to have a companion

Although many like the company of their peers when hunting, there are other instances when being alone in the countryside is all that is required. When it comes to hunting, it’s difficult to match the reassuring companionship of a dog that is well-trained and can make the activity more enjoyable.

Our core values

We believe that it is very important for our clients to be aware of who we are as a business as well as the strategies that we are implementing to accomplish our goals. Implementing these best practices will ensure that customers get the highest possible level of service.

  • Innovative – Change and innovation in our industry necessitate that our rules and processes be constantly updated. Our client’s satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.
  • Integrity – Because we value the confidence our customers in the United States have in us, we take steps to assure the accuracy of all the information we offer.
  • Accessible – When it comes to our content, we make sure that it can be accessed on a wide range of platforms, from smartphones and tablets to PCs and laptops.

Contact us!

Now that you know what we do and who we are, shoot us a message if you have any inquiries regarding our services.