Best hunting dog breeds to have

For over centuries, humans have relied on hunting to bring food to the table. However, all the greatest hunting feats wouldn’t be possible without the help of the hunter’s reliable partner. 

According to multiple researchers, dogs have a unique ability to read body language and respond to any subtle clues making them extremely observant in the hunting field. Additionally, the heightened sense of smell allows them to track the kill no matter how far. The lithe body and the speed of dogs also give them the advantage in a chase. 

If you want to be successful in bringing in the best bounty for your hunt, then the dogs below would be the perfect hunting partner for you. Check them out now and adopt your own hunting dog in Canada Barn Hunts!

American foxhound 

From the name of this magnificent creature itself, you can already see that they are bred for the purpose of hunting. The heritage of this dog, combined with its unique capabilities and loyalty to its owner makes it an excellent choice for a hunting dog. 

American foxhounds have a strong sense of smell that is perfect for tracking your possible kills, most especially foxes. 

This type of dog has a distinct resemblance to beagles with the only difference being they are taller and leaner than your regular beagle breed. The form and body of this dog are owed to its athleticism in hunting giving it huge leg muscles and a strong back. 

The best thing about American foxhounds is that they are easy to care for and don’t or only rarely require grooming. Despite their vicious reputation as hunting dogs, American foxhounds are kind and loving companions to both children and adults making them excellent family dogs.

American pit bull terrier 

Pitbulls are huge dogs that are all muscles and force. That alone makes them capable of taking down prey much bigger than them. Despite the scary look and demeanour of pit bulls, their original function is to serve as nannies for children likely due to their loving and extremely loyal personalities. 

It is said that a pit bull can be the sweetest dog you would ever have if you train it with respect and love. Of course, behind all of these, a pit bull still has the reputation of the dangerous robust and tenacious hunter. The aforementioned qualities are the reason why most people turn to these dogs as guard dogs instead of their original function. 

Aside from being guard dogs, a pit bull’s tenacity is also what makes them an excellent hunter. According to researchers, a pit bull can take down a full-grown wild boar. The muscular frames and strong jaws of pit bulls make them capable of intimidating larger prey, giving you time to shoot your target down before it gets away. 


A beagle might not seem as intimidating as the first two dogs, but they are just as vicious and tenacious. Since beagles are perennial family dogs, they have the tendency to be curious, playful, loving and adorable. However, their original breeding purpose was to hunt down foxes, birds, rabbits and other small creatures. 

This breed of hunting dog is known for its tenacity, loyalty and obedient demeanour. These qualities make them one of the most popular hounds all over the world. It also shouldn’t be missed that a beagle is an intelligent creature and this makes it easier for you to train them for the hunt. 


Bloodhounds are the Sherlock Holmes of dogs. These dogs have been used by the police and hunters alike for their superb investigative skills as well as heritage and appearance.

What sets this dog apart from any other breed is the fact that its tracking skill is a world above the rest. Bloodhounds have an astute sense of smell that could track down a scent from miles away. This quality is also what brought them the nickname sleuth hound.

Boykin Spaniel 

You can never go wrong with a spaniel when it comes to good hunting dogs. Spaniels are known to hunt birds with excellent speed and tenacity. Boykin is statistically proven to be the most successful in hunting among spaniels due to their uncompromising determination to capture their prey as well as their intelligence. 

As a dog that was first discovered in South Carolina, Boykin spaniels are well-suited for wetlands and heavy brush. They are perfect to take with you if you are hunting ducks or other waterfowl.

Brittany dog 

A lot of people often make the mistake of calling Brittany dogs spaniels or setters. However, the reality is that a Brittany dog falls into the middle of a setter and a spaniel making them extremely versatile hunters that can partake in competitive agility contests, pointing, flushing and retrieving. 

To make it even better, Brittany dogs are low maintenance despite having long hair like beagles. If you decide to buy or adopt a Brittany dog, make sure to keep them active in running since these kinds of dogs tend to become restless it does nothing for a long period of time.

Chesapeake Bay retriever 

This dog is a breed that exists entirely in the United States. Their unique genetic pattern and heritage influenced their colour to appear more brown and golden but the beautiful colour of this dog is far from being the only thing that makes it stand out. 

Chesapeake Bay retrievers are excellent at hunting in wetlands due to their athleticism. With that said, it would be excellent to bring in waterfowl hunting.

What we love about this dog is that it never runs out of energy. They are tireless in a hunt and would not give up until the prey is captured. Additionally, a Chesapeake’s fur is pretty much waterproof so it would not get bogged down when catching geese, ducks and other water creatures. Finally, these dogs are excellent companions with boundless loyalty and love for their owners. 


Coonhound is just the general term for a group of dogs that include the Treeing Walker, Redbone, American English, Bluetick and Black & Tan. The heritage of these dogs suggests that they would be fearsome hunters due to their intelligence, determination and tenacity for the hunt. 

The coonhounds are tough and would not go down without a fight. Their loyalty also makes them one of the best companions for hunting. 

English setter 

English Setters are among the few hunting dogs that have long fur that somewhat stunts their hunting if you don’t groom them often.  If you can get over the long hair, you will find that they are excellent partners when hunting on uneven terrains. 

These dogs are athletically fierce, intelligent and easy to train. Even outside of hunting, they are excellent companions for families since they always seem to want to have fun running and being active. 

German shorthaired pointer 

The German shorthaired pointer has everything you are looking for when it comes to hunting dogs. They are obedient, fierce, determined, athletic, and loyal to a fault. As perfect as they are, German shorthaired pointers ssodens’t seem to have an off switch so they are always actively running around. 

This might not be the dog that you want if you are someone looking for a calm pet to have around. German Shorthaired pointers are for those looking for an adventure! 

Golden retriever 

Golden retrievers have a reputation for being sweet, adorable, playful, loyal and loving to their owners. However, behind the lovable appearance of golden retrievers, they are fierce and determined hunters perfect for scouting in the suburbs. 

The high stamina and intelligence of this dog create the perfect companion for hunters who want to train their dogs to catch fowls like geese and ducks. 

Irish setter 

Just like the English setter, Irish setters have long and beautiful hair that might require maintenance more than any other breed. This gentle creature is known for being smart, determined and resourceful in a hunt. However, it might take a lot of patience to train them. 

Jack Russel terrier 

Jack Russels are dogs described to have small stature, but this does not stop them from being excellent hunting dogs. In fact, Jack Russel terriers use this quality to their advantage. With a smaller body, the Jack Russel terrier can run faster than any of the other dogs on the list. Their energy reserve is also high since they can keep up with the chase for a long time until their prey tires out. 

For over decades, this breed has been used by farmers and hunters to keep pests like rats, squirrels, rabbits and possums out of their property. Outside of the hunting field, a Jack Russel terrier is a playful pet that would keep you entertained with its tricks and fiery energy.  

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