Canada Barn Hunts: Hunting etiquettes you should know

Hunting is one of the most popular sports in Canada. It was even encouraged by the government with annual hunting seasons reserved for hunters to go out and test their skills while helping balance the ecosystem. 

Although there aren’t a lot of rules set for hunters to follow, there are still some unspoken etiquettes that you should keep in mind when you go out hunting. Read these rules below and prepare for your first hunting season! 

Personal space intruder 

Finding the best hunting spots is important for a hunter. If you have a spot in mind but another hunter already took the hunting ground, it is important to let them be since finding hunting spots generally follows a first come first served basis. 

Do not position yourself right beside the other hunter and don’t glass them in the same hunting area. If you want the spot they have, then you should take efforts into coming early next hunting season. 

Slow driver

If you are driving slowly while looking for specific trails or scouting hunting areas, remember to drive close to the side of the road so other drivers can pass by you and drive at their own pace. Do not let your vehicle block the road for other hunters. 

The finisher 

It was always annoying for hunters to have someone steal their kill. If you see another hunter wound an animal with their shot, don’t go barreling in and dealing the final blow to their kill just because you saw an easy opportunity. 

If you are working in a team with other hunters, you should discuss first if it is okay to deal the final blow if either of you wounds a prey. 

The hunting spot thief 

Never steal somebody else’s hunting spot. If someone tells you that the spot is already taken, then leave it be. Don’t force yourself to share the same spot and find other areas to hunt. 

The know it all 

There is nothing worse than a ‘know-it-all’, especially in hunting. Every hunter has their technique and the goal is to have fun, it is not your place to tell everyone what to do and how they should hunt their target. 

The boy who cries buck 

Every hunter knows how annoying it is to deal with people who constantly say they see a buck nearby when there is none. Never pull this kind of joke on a hunter, especially if they are in the middle of trailing a target.

Hunt only what was allowed  

You should only hunt for animals that are in season. Do not attempt to find an exotic kill that is likely protected by the government. If it is deer hunting season, then you should only have your eyes on deer and not anything else. 

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