How to train hunting dogs

There is no denying that dogs truly are man’s best friend. No matter where you go or what you do, these adorable canines have so much love to give and can be incredibly intelligent as well. For centuries, they have served great purposes in history and continue to be loyal companions to this day. 

It is for this reason that we at Canada Barn Hunts decided to open our facilities here in the United States to raise and train hunting dogs. It was not an easy journey, but the achievements that we were able to get along the way made it all worth it. A portion of our success is also thanks to all of our clients, who have been trusting and loyal from the start. 

If you are just now learning about us and would like to know about the services that we have to offer, please do not hesitate to reach out. For now, you can check out some of the steps that we follow to train hunting dogs. 

Learning how to track scents 

One of the first and most important things that must be done when training dogs how to hunt is teaching them how to track scents. Dogs already have an amazing sense of smell, one that far outmatches that of a human. This is why they are perfect hunting companions because they can track things that humans cannot. 

Dogs can typically learn how to track scents when they are presented with a certain item and told to fetch or identify it. While this might seem complicated, it can be second nature to some of the other dogs. It is the most basic skill that any hunting dog should have. 

Swimming and wading

Next up, swimming and wading are other important skills you have to teach your dog. They are naturally comfortable on land, but you might be surprised to know that there are a lot of dogs who are strong swimmers and love the idea of diving into rivers or lakes. It can greatly help you out with hunting at the same time! 

It is also important to remember that all dogs already have a natural inclination to swim. The moment their body touches the water, they have the instinct to start paddling their paws and moving their body forward. As they lift their head above the water, they should still be able to recall, sniff and fetch all sorts of items.  

Field training and decoy spotting 

When your dog has already gone through basic obedience training, helping them learn how to get on the field and try hunting outside of their comfort zone is an essential step. 

This is also the moment where they will be taught how to target decoys and things like birds, rabbits and other types of game while training. You can praise them and let them know that they have done the right thing when choosing various animal scents. 

Off-leash training

Your dog will also have to learn how to go off leash and follow your commands automatically no matter where they are. When you let them out of the leash, be sure to do it within a large, enclosed area first. This is so you can practice without the risk of them running away. 

Once they have mastered that, they can now move on to a larger, non-enclosed space so you can continue your training. The more they get used to getting away from you and the leash, the more they will remember your commands and that they must follow them everywhere you go.

Tips you need to remember when training canines

Now that you have a good idea of what it’s like to train hunting dogs, are you ready to begin the process? We at Canada Barn Hunts will not be the ones to work with the dogs the whole time, because they must train closely with their masters. To help you out, take a look at some of the tips you should remember when training your dog. 

Start them as young as possible

Although most dogs can indeed be trained at any age, starting them off from puppyhood is always the best thing to do. It is also easier to teach them all of the commands and help them get used to their environment with ease. 

If you ever have the chance to train your hunting dog from puppyhood, then this is the best option. This is so they get used to your presence and see that you are the master in the relationship. Plus, they are also more receptive to training and require minimal adjustments. 

Positive reinforcement is key 

The number one way to train dogs properly is with positive reinforcement. This means motivating them with praises and lots of treats. When they know that they are doing the right thing, they can expect something good to come out of it. This mindset will stay with them even after the training period is over. 

So, be sure to be patient and gentle with your dog. The more you enforce positivity during training, the better the results will be. Plus, it can be a great bonding moment between you. The relationship will thrive and your dog will also remember their training in the years to come. 

Always follow a routine

Last but not least, remember that a trained dog always follows a routine. You will be surprised to know that they thrive and can even tell time based on their daily routine. Set their tasks and meal times per day and your dog will surely thrive under your guidance. 

Keep in mind that these routines do not end when the training period is over. You must also ensure that your dog keeps up with this routine even when they have completed their training. When you come home and go through the next few years with your canine, reinforcing their training is essential. 

Be sure to use all of these tips to your advantage and see how it suits you and your dog! It’s important to remember that all dogs are different and they have their own personalities. Simply get to know them and adjust to their responses and you will eventually see growth. You will find that all of your hard work will pay off in the end. 

Is it worth investing in hunting dogs? 

Yes! It comes as no secret that there are so many households or places in the USA that support hunting. Some of these animals are caught for food, foraging, the creation of clothes and furnishings and so much more. Depending on your needs, you should be able to recognize that hunting dogs can bring forth a lot of conveniences. 

One of the reasons why it’s worth investing in hunting dogs is because they are incredibly loyal and will follow all of your commands. As long as they are trained well, then you will be having a hunting partner that is reliable and amazing at what they do. 

On the other hand, they can remember their training for the rest of their lives as long as they are physically healthy and you can reinforce their learnings over time. It can be incredibly convenient to keep them around and use their amazing skills to make the most of your hunting trips, so it can technically be counted as a form of investment. 

Last but not least, these hunting dogs, no matter their background or skills, can still be an amazing addition to your family. Outside of their duties on the field, they can be a friend to you, and your loved ones and just be one of your family members. You will find yourself getting fond of them and their presence daily. 

So, if you think you want to have your own hunting dog or you wish to get one of ours here at Canada Barn Hunts, then you are in luck! Learn more about us on our website and reach out to get your journey started. 

About Canada Barn Hunts

Based in the United States, our humble facility here at Canada Barn Hunts works towards raising and training some of the best hunting dogs in the country. We know that there are households in the country that like the idea of having hunting dogs to bring them along on their trips. If this is the case with your needs, then you have come to the right place! 

If you believe you have the discipline and the control to work with us and enrol with your dog, then you will certainly enjoy your time here in our facility. Before you know it, you’ll be coming home with a wonderful companion who should be able to help you out on the hunting field as well. 

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