Types of games you can hunt in the wild with hunting dogs

With their heightened sense of smell, dogs can track and locate their prey far better than humans can, making them the perfect companion when hunting. 

When trained well, they can hunt any kind of game from small animals to big ones. They can even function in packs for bigger, more dangerous games. Canada Barn Hunts has listest some of the biggest games in the wild that you can hunt with your hunting dogs.

What types of games can hunt dogs track?

Dogs can track pretty much anything, even humans if necessary, but the wild is full of wild games that can be dangerous to track down. See the list below of animals that hunting dogs can track and how to effectively hunt them.

Black Bear

Hunting hounds are best when tracking bears due to their stamina and aggressive nature when hunting. To hunt bears, the first step is to scout locations where there are signs of bear activity. The bear trail will usually leave signs regarding the bear, including its size, whether they travel with cubs, and even what they eat based on its droppings. 

Once you discover a sample for the dog to use, let them sniff it so they can get the trail through the scent. This can take hours of running and you might lose 

Wild Boar

Hunters typically hunt wild boars both for meat and to reduce damage to farmlands and forests. They often leave large traces in spaces they’ve been to. On land, they use their snouts to root through vegetation. In shallow water sources, they wallow in the mud to cool off and leave streaks of mud in trees where they rub themselves against it.

Hunting wild boars can be very dangerous; they can easily attack a hunting dog and cut them with their husks. There’s safety in numbers when it comes to hunting them. You should bring at least five to ten hunting dogs that are all wearing protective hunting gear.

For this type of hunt, there are usually two types of hunting dogs which are bay dogs and catch dogs. Essentially, this means dogs for tracking the trail and dogs that attack.


Often done for sport, hunting deer is something that’s been done for centuries. They offer excellent meat, called venison, which is known to be the healthiest kind of red meat. 

Aside from needing a larger group of hunting dogs to keep them safe during a deer drive, most hunters typically go in groups. In the United States, you can find White-tailed deer in every state except Alaska which makes them accessible to hunters everywhere.

Are you all set for hunting season?

Now that you know the most common game you’ll find in the wild, make sure that you and your hunting dog are well-prepared to face them. To make sure that your trusty companion is in top shape, make sure to visit the vet for a check-up before the big trip.

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