Canada Barn Hunts™ is an all-inclusive competition which measures the hunting instinct of the dog and the handling abilities of the handler in simulated farm yard / hay loft scenarios.

Originally, farmers relied on terrier and hound breeds to take on the task to eradicate these pests, however, with the introduction of the recreational purposed Canada Barn Hunts™, every breed of dog is welcome to come and attempt a stake to claim for fame.

The objective of Canada Barn Hunts™ is to provide a fun and competitive atmosphere for dog and handler which will test instinctive prey drive, physical ability, handler supervision and direction against other entrants.



Canada Barn Hunts™ is an exciting series of events designed to entice all dog owners, from the inexperienced dog sport newbie to the experienced nosework dog and owner. Varying degrees of course difficulties and the opportunity to gain multiple titles on your dog and ensure that THERE IS FUN for everyone.

The barn hunt is a centuries old practice. It still continues as an exercise for farmers and their dogs, in a daily bid, to rid their farm of invasive vermin, Vermin spread disease and illness. They contaminate precious stock piles and infest livestock quarters. ‘Rat-catching’ was first documented in European history; the most famous (yet fictional) ‘Rat-catcher’ being The Pied Piper of Hamelin (16th century). Throughout the 1800’s, the role of professional rat-catching with K-9 assistants (mainly terriers) reached its peak. During the 1900’s, technology and science began to deliver alternative ways to eradicate vermin from farmyards; and as a result, as the vermin began disappearing in this manner, so too did the rat-catcher.

The Canada Barn Hunts™ sporting event is a multi-tiered competition with varying degrees of difficulty. Any breed of dog, (including mixed breeds), which is older than 6 months and measures within the games height restrictions is welcome to participate. (See Dog Eligibility Section and Dog Measurements & Height Divisions Section)

Canada Barn Hunts™ can take place indoors and outdoors and need not be limited to an authentic agricultural environment.


Dogs do not need to have any previous training history of hunting vermin.

Handler – dog cooperation and command ability are crucial for success of the course(s) in that the handler needs to be aware when and where the dog reaches its target.


The Canada Barn Hunts™ sporting event is infused with excitement, trepidation, and great sportsmanship.

There are difficulty levels to progress through, titles and championships to be won (and lost). There are new friends to make and healthy competitive attitudes to exude.

Hold your Breed Club Picnic at the Maplelane Farm Event Centre and have a Canada Barn Hunt as the MAIN EVENT ! ! !